Transporting your yacht to St Kitts

Transporting your yacht to St Kitts

St Kitts is a world apart from busier Caribbean destinations like Sint Maarten and St Barts. While St Kitts has high-flying amenities for those who desire them, it also offers landscapes completely devoid of tourists and development for miles. Luxury is starting to come to the island, however, so be quick and enjoy its unspoilt beauty while you can. A first step is having your yacht brought over by

Until recently, sugarcane production was the mainstay of this Caribbean island, which is nonetheless home to unique places of interest like the Brimstone Hill Fortress UNESCO World Heritage Site and the new Christophe Harbour marina development. There are still pristine views stretching as far as the eye can reach, with plenty of remote attractions. Even now, the island is taking pains to protect its natural scenery while developing in a sustainable way.

Up and coming

Christophe Harbour in St Kitts has enjoyed five consecutive years of growth, thanks largely to greater numbers of in-season repeat visits. The services available are substantial and growing with demand: the marina is home to the 60-metre Perseus 3, which boasts the world’s largest single sail, and has hosted the 93.25-metre Mayan Queen IV. A five-star Park-Hyatt hotel has also opened recently. And the island is currently implementing a Yachting Strategic Plan and Yachting Implementation Plan 2017-2022.

Yacht transport to St Kitts

At, we understand the importance of dependability, quality and hard work to yacht owners, especially where their precious yachts are concerned. We are perfectly aware of the importance of treating your prized yacht with care while moving it across oceans with competence, responsibility and speed. is a premier partner for quickly and efficiently moving boats of any size to St Kitts from most major points of origin in the world, no matter the specifics. We have the experience, hardware, experience and connections required to give your yacht the attention it deserves.
You can choose the type of transportation that suits you best – provides both Lift on–Lift off (LO-LO) and Float on–Float off (Flo-Flo). Whatever your choice, we guarantee that hard-working, experienced specialists will be involved in transporting your yacht to St Kitts. We will make sure your yacht is delivered to St Kitts in a timely and efficient way, and returned to a destination of your choice after your holiday ends.

Going above and beyond

While the exact time it will take to move your yacht will depend on your preferred itinerary and form of transport, with you can always expect plain and open communication. We provide many optional extras as well, such as local recommendations and insurance coverage. We are well-versed in the logistics and regulations of the main yacht ports in all common destinations, including St Kitts, and you can count on us for all your needs.
If you would like to move your boat to St Kitts for a cruise and are interested in the services provided by let us know – we will be happy to provide information and tailored advice. We know your needs and always maintain the highest levels of discretion, professionalism and competence.

Some ideas for your yachting holiday in St Kitts

1) Make sure you choose the right means of transporting your yacht
2) Pick a route that best suits your plans in St Kitts
3) Be picky about the service provider – always go for quality
4) Kick back and chill with a cocktail or two in the sun

Share your St Kitts ideas with other boaters

If you are interested in tips for places to go and things to do in St Kitts after we move your yacht there, go to this page to learn about some hotels and restaurants. If you’re familiar with St Kitts already and have insider tips, please let us know so we can share them with other yacht owners who are planning a trip to the island.