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Yacht transport

You can fantasize about exploring the East Coast of the States but if your boat’s in the Med do you really want to make a trans-Atlantic crossing on her own keel? Or perhaps you’ve spent a great season cruising the Caribbean but would now like to head for the cooler climes of Scandinavia: that’s a pretty expensive voyage in terms of time and fuel.

Marine Transport

Drawing on the 30 years of experience of our mother company the Nepa Group, we know how to provide keen logistics solutions for commercial cargo.

No matter the quantity, weight or dimension, we ship the impossible. Our marine transport team is made up of specialists who are geared to providing the best solutions for every project, from windmills to machinery, from cranes & cables to hulls. Over the last decade alone we have engineered and executed the transportation of almost 150 barge hulls from all over the world to Europe.

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