Transporting your boat to St Thomas

Transporting your boat to St Thomas

St Thomas is the largest of the US Virgin Islands and home to the territorial capital and port of Charlotte Amalie. This makes it the main entry point into the territory and principal port of call for cruises in the region. Originally settled by the Dutch in 1657, St Thomas was conquered by Denmark-Norway in 1666, and controlled by the Danish West India and Guinea Company until its purchase by the United States in 1917. Today it remains a place where people from all parts of the world come together – and many of them do so with their yacht! Let transport your boat safely to St Thomas for the trip of a lifetime.

Once known as ‘Taphus’ (‘rum shop’) for the drinking establishments located nearby, St Thomas’ fine natural harbour became a major centre for leisure sailing tourism after the United States enacted its embargo on Cuba. Unfortunately, it has suffered much from hurricanes, not least Irma and Maria, which passed through the area within a few weeks of each other in 2017. The island’s infrastructure is recovering, however, as is the flow of visitors, making this a great time to come.

Attractions on St Thomas run the full range of cultural and natural interest. Coral World Ocean Park has a signature Underwater Observatory Tower reaching six metres down into the ocean, while the Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge sports a rocky coastline surrounded by spectacular reefs. A trinity of places of worship – the Cathedral Church of All Saints, Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral and the St. Thomas Synagogue – date back to the 19th century. Old Danish defensive buildings include Fort Christian and Blackbeard’s & Bluebeard’s Castle, both attributed to the eponymous pirates. And, of course, there is an exceptional wealth of sailing grounds for intrepid yacht owners to explore.

The smart way to move your yacht knows how crucial it is to you that your prized possession be taken care of while she is moved across oceans. We understand the importance of dependability, quality and hard work to boat owners, especially where your precious yacht is concerned. The team knows its way around St Thomas and will quickly and efficiently bring yachts of any size to the island, whatever your specific needs. has the experience, hardware, experience and connections required to give your boat the attention it deserves.

You can choose the type of transportation that suits you best – provides Lift on–Lift off (LO-LO) and Float on–Float off (Flo-Flo) services. Whatever your choice, however, we guarantee that we will have hard-working, experienced specialists involved in transporting your yacht to St Thomas with competence, responsibility and speed. We will make sure she is brought to her final destination in a timely and efficient way, and returned to the location of your choice after your holiday ends.

A wide range of services

The route and form of transport for your yacht is up to you – will always provide transparent communication and services. We are familiar with the rules and features of all the world’s principal yacht destinations, including St Thomas. We provide many options and additional possibilities, including recommendations for local attractions, accommodations and insurance, and you can count on us for a broad range of needs.

If you’re looking to visit St Thomas with your boat and would like to find out more about the services we provide, get in touch for any additional information or bespoke assistance you might require. We understand the needs of yacht owners and deploy the greatest professionalism, discretion and skill in everything we do.

Making the most of sailing around St Thomas

  1. Choose the best form of transport and route to fit your holiday plans
  2. Make sure you pick the right service provider – don’t compromise on quality where your yacht is concerned
  3. If planning to visit both the US and British Virgin Islands during your cruise, make sure you read up on the border and customs formalities between the two
  4. Some attractions and areas may still be damaged after the twin hurricanes of 2017 – remember to check the situation in advance before going
  5. Relax and enjoy!

Insider tips about St Thomas?

If you’re looking for a place to stay when meeting your boat in St Thomas, you might find ideas on this page. If you have advice of your own for anyone wishing to visit St Thomas and the Virgin Islands, tell us about it and we will share it with other yacht owners planning to visit.

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