Moving your yacht to Antigua

Moving your yacht to Antigua

Located at the centre of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, Antigua is a favourite among boat owners of all stripes and a major destination for services. As such, it is a popular spot to start, end or base your cruise of the Caribbean, and a perfect place to have your yacht transported from its berth in colder climes.

Christopher Columbus and Horatio Nelson both spent time in Antigua, and the legacy of British rule is still very much in evidence here, from the historic dockyard buildings to the appreciation of cricket. Daytime temperatures throughout the year average 27 to 31°, generally with a pleasant breeze, while the crystal clear, balmy sea is as ideal for sailing as it is for bathing.

An iconic destination

There are said to be 365 beaches along Antigua’s 87-kilometre shore. History buffs will enjoy the historic Nelson’s Dockyard with its restored Georgian buildings, as well as Falmouth Harbour next door: both these areas are also excellent for spotting some of the world’s greatest and finest yachts. Antigua is known as the sailing capital of the eastern Caribbean. During Antigua Sailing Week, over 100 yachts converge on the island from across the globe to race in one of the world’s most famous regattas.

The best choicefor yacht transfer knows how crucial quality and reliability are to your lifestyle as a yacht owner, especially when it comes to your boat. You can count on us to transfer your precious yacht to Antigua from any major port in the world whatever its size or your particular needs, with speed and efficiency. has the advanced know-how, crucial experience, relevant hardware and personal connections required to handle your boat with the attention it deserves. We are perfectly aware of the importance of treating your yacht with care while moving it across oceans with competence, responsibility and speed.

Bringing your yacht to Antigua

The time required to move your boat will depend on the route and form of transhipment you choose – however, with you can always rely on full transparency as well as a broad choice of additional options, including insurance, local recommendations for your yachting holiday, and much more besides. We have expertise in all the principal sailing harbours in major points of origin and destinations for leisure boats, such as Antigua. You can count on us for all your needs.

The means of transportation is entirely up to you as can source you with Lift on–Lift off (LO-LO) and Float on–Float off (Flo-Flo) solutions. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that will have only highly experienced and proficient experts handling and moving your boat to Antigua.

Whether you’re the type to map everything out far ahead of time, or plan your trips on a whim the night before and let the currents take you where they will, we will make sure your yacht is delivered to Antigua smoothly and on time – and the same applies for your return trip once the cruise is at an end.

If you are considering transporting your yacht to Antigua and would like to know more about what we can do for you, feel free to get in touch. understands your situation and you can count on our efficiency, professionalism and discretion at all times.

Six things to keep in mind for your boat transport to Antigua

1) Pick a means of transportation that suits you and your yacht the best
2) Find the route to Antigua that provides the best fit for your holiday plans
3) Choose quality: never makes compromises when transporting your yacht
4) Always keep safety in mind
5) Make a plan for things to do once your yacht safely reaches Antigua
6) Pick up your yacht in Antigua and enjoy!

Share your tips for Antigua with us

If you would like more information on enjoying Antigua after your boat has been transported by, you will find a few recommendations on this page for hotels and other amenities available there. If you have any insider tips of your own, let us know what they are so we can share them with other boat owners who are having their yacht moved to Antigua.

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