Boat transport to Palma de Mallorca

Boat transport to Palma de Mallorca

Nestled in the heart of the western Mediterranean, Palma de Mallorca is an excellent port to which to transport your boat with Whether you choose Palma to begin or end a longer cruise, or base your yacht there for a longer period to explore the local delights, having your boat transported to Palma will be a true investment in your pleasure.

Popular in summer with boating enthusiasts from northern Europe and North America, Mallorca and the famous nearby islands of Ibiza and Menorca have all the amenities a yachtsman could ask for – and if things get a bit crowded, the coastlines abound with secluded coves, private anchorages and sheltered beaches.

Enjoying your yacht in Palma

As Palma is one of the most beloved resorts in the Mediterranean, there is no shortage of established luxury or new & original spots where boating enthusiasts can enjoy their yacht. The city has a wealth of deluxe accommodation, sightseeing, shopping and dining options, reflected not least in its eight combined Michelin stars. As the discerning owner of a stylish pleasure craft, you know the importance of choosing quality in every walk of life – not least where your precious yacht is concerned. No matter what your needs, origin or destination, will transport your boat from or to Palma quickly and smoothly. Experienced in boat transport We have the relevant experience, advanced hardware, crucial know-how and human connections necessary for this delicate shipping activity. We fully appreciate how important it is to our clients that we take good care of their prize yachts while moving them across oceans with speed, skill and discretion. Our knowledge of all the major yachting ports in the main sailing origin and destination points of the leisure boating world, such as Palma, means you can fully rely on us in all circumstances. While the time required to move your yacht depends on the route and form of transhipment, you can count on our work always being fully transparent and including a wide range of auxiliary services, such as insurance and local recommendations for your yachting holiday. Deliver your yacht to Mallorca Whether you wish to plan your holiday weeks in advance, or prefer to arrive in Palma and see where the winds take you, will make sure your yacht gets there on time and is delivered expediently. You can equally count on us to take your boat back across the sea once your cruise is at an end. The time will depend on the route and exact means of transportation, which are entirely up to you: has both Lift on-Lift off (LO-LO) and Float on-Float off (Flo-Flo) solutions. At all times, you can rest assured that only certified and highly qualified experts will be responsible for handling and moving your boat to Palma. If you have any questions about transporting your yacht to Palma, don’t hesitate to contact us. We understand your situation and you can count on our professionalism, efficiency and discretion.

Five top tips for your boat transport to Palma

  1. Choose quality: never makes compromises when transporting your yacht
  2. Find the best route to Palma that suits your holiday plans
  3. Choose the means of transportation that best suits you
  4. Plan ahead for what you will do once your yacht is safely transported to Palma
  5. Sit back and relax!

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If you need more information on making the most of your time after you had your boat transported with to Palma, check out this page for our summary of some of the hotels and other treats that await you upon arrival. And if you have any other insider tips on how to enjoy the area based on your knowledge, please let us know so we can share with other people who are having their boat transported to Palma.

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